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If your web site has been up for a while, it may be time to look at a redesign. It is easy to forget about your web site, it just sits there doing it's job. But what is your web sites job? Has you web site's job changed since you looked at it last? Most small sites get built, then just sit there for a few years. Your business keeps growing and changing and your web site needs to grow and change to reflect the growth and change in your business. One issue that prevents you from keeping up with your web site is that you are just to busy. That is a good thing. But while you are busy your web site is getting old and neglected and may not be providing you the path to the new business that it could. This is something that you know is happening, but you are just to busy to do anything about it. Itoolhost can take care of these problems for you. We can customize a solution that works for you. When you call us, we can figure out what you want to accomplish, the timeline to get it done and a price that makes sense for you.
Itoolhost has a web site maintenance plan that can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. An easy way to keep up with your web site is to apply a budgeted monthly payment to the web site redesign. Itoolhost can take care of new graphics, text and make your web site "Search Engine Friendly". We keep up with the changes in search engine practices and know how to "get the most bang for the buck". There are some nearly free ways to get your web site ranked and found in searches. Let Itoolhost help you get found. Call Robin Today for all the detaills 520-263-7693.

How to Make Your Web site's Design Shine

(NewsUSA) - Whether you're preparing for your wedding, chronicling your travels or running a small business, a web site or blog is the easiest way to share information with family, friends, professional contacts or customers. With advances in technology making it easier to build web sites, millions of Americans are figuring out the basics of web design. Others are turning to professional designers for help.
What makes a web site's design successful? According to design experts, there are five keys to effective web site design. These tips will help ensure that your web site attracts visitors, encourages them to browse and -- if you're selling -- entices customers to buy.
1. Minimalist design. Your web site should look clean and uncluttered. Minimalist design makes it easy for visitors to concentrate on the content. If a page has too many elements, visitors may become confused. This doesn't mean the design has to be boring -- a simple approach, focusing on a few key details, will make it look modern and stylish.
2. Fabulous photos. Avoid cliché or unprofessional photography and find images that say something genuine about you or your business. For affordable, reliable photography that makes it easier to be creative, try stock photography web sites like Veer, which has images for as little as $1, or for exceptional images, try Corbis Images, which has web-resolution images starting at $5.
3. Encourage action. Whether you want people to note your wedding details, view your travel photos or make a purchase, make sure that your "call to action" is clear and concise. Use short and snappy language, and large, boldly colored, clickable buttons that are in the top or middle of the page.
4. Focus on fonts. Bold fonts help visitors recognize the important messages and call-to-action on a page, while more common fonts are perfect for explaining the details. has thousands of unique fonts for just a few dollars.
5. Color counts. Color conveys meaning and encourages different reactions by visitors. Don't forget to make good use of white space -- the space between different elements of a design. Used well, it allows for easier scanning of your site.
Design resources like Smashing magazine or Daily Blog Tips provide more in-depth information to help solve specific challenges.

What Colors Best Fit Your Personality?

(NewsUSA) - You often hear that you should match your home's design to your personality and interests, but few color swatches come with names like "Reads Paranormal Romance Novels," "Hikes on Weekends" or "Gleek."
To help you figure out what color palettes will best suit your personality, Mohawk Flooring provides the following quiz:

What Is Your Design Personality?
You're making big plans for the weekend. What are they?
A) Participating in a charity walk
B) Antique shopping
C) Inviting friends over for dinner
D) Touring a haunted house
You're making your favorite dish. What is it?
A) An all-organic risotto cooked with ingredients from the local farmer's market
B) A Moroccan tangine cooked in an authentic ceramic pot
C) Macaroni and cheese, with chocolate chip cookies for dessert
D) A decadent chocolate mousse
What's hanging on your wall?
A) A batik tapestry made by an Indonesian women's collective
B) Framed vintage travel posters
C) Family photographs
D) An Edvard Munch print or, alternatively, an Edward Cullen poster

Mostly A's: Idealist. Those out to save the world will feel at home with Earth-inspired colors, such as cocoa, cinnamon, stone and taupe. In addition to choosing a natural color palette, look for products that conform to your ideals, such as green-certified carpeting made from recycled materials. For example, Mohawk SmartStrand Featuring DuPont Sorona is 37 percent bio-based.
Mostly B's: Eclectic. You love authentic and vintage finds and enjoy layering colors and patterns. Try shades like rose, olive, turquoise and seafoam.
Mostly C's: Homebody. You're all about warmth and comfort, and you like to keep things cozy and intimate. Vary between neutral colors and warm shades.
Mostly D's: Mysterious Stranger. You appreciate romance and intrigue. Evoke an Old World sense of fantasy with deep, rich shades of navy, purple, red and teal. Exotic hardwood floors with deep, rich hues add to the veiled allure.

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